From “Out of the Blue” a new 3 Humans music video “Everyone”

3 Humans / Everyone

Covington Louisiana’s The New Artifacts perform their version of the traditional Irish airs Southwind and Fanny Poer.

The new April 2020 music video release by electronic music artist The Jingle Kings

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As Technology has infiltrated music performance’s over the decades, 7 musicians can still take the stage and create the groove, the swing, the melody, and the raw energy only live music can bring. For more great performance’s by many bands follow the link below to Apogee Studio. Enjoy.

Apogee Studio – Featuring KCRW’s Apogee Sessions

Neon Indian Music Technology Viual Arts

Neon Indian Performs Live

Music Technology, Visual Arts, Music as Cinema, Musical Performance. Is technology really creative? Are the people creating the technology really creative? Who is to judge? If it sells great if it doesn’t do you conform? Click below to be informed.

Microsoft and Music Technology


R.E.M. on Song Exploder Click the Link Below

Tom Petty Interview at

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