“Saints of Fire” Changelings / Earl Walker Lundy 1990

Merritt Doggins and The Bloodhounds/ Blues Old and New/ Shortstack Records 1995

The Jingle Kings/ Drive Thru/ Such A Sound Records 2004

The Jingle Kings/ Utopia Dr/ Such A Sound Records 2006

Bonnington Truce An Alternative History of Mississippi/ DVD Postdigital Inc 2007

The Jingle Kings/ Kinky Dreams/ Such A Sound Records 2008

Bonnington Truce / CD Postdigitydog Records 2009

The Jingle Kings/ The New Megalopolis/ Such A Sound Records 2010

Johnny Sansone/ Lady on the Levee/ Shortstack Records 2015

To Be Wonderful/ Starlove Motel/ Such A Sound Records 2016

The Mayors of Covington/ Brett Petry Butternut Records 2017

3 Humans / Whatever You Do/ Patrick Wallace 2018

To Be Wonderful / Almost A Lifetime / Such A Sound Music 2020

The Jingle Kings / Hollywood Bicycle Dream / Such A Sound Music 2020
3 Humans / The Human Condition / Patrick Wallace 2021
Johnny Sansone / Into Your Blues / Shortstack Records 2022
3 Humans / Grand Design / Patrick Wallace 2023

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